Saturday, April 17, 2004

Is it Over Yet?

I've spent the day (Saturday) working on my dissertation (well that's not entirely true - I pulled a few hours on the law job before brekkie). I have to have the Dissertation handed in along with a 3,000 word essay I have yet to start by the end of April! One thing I know: whatever happens it WILL be over by the end of more extensions available. Having now finished a 25,000 word dissertation (but for the conclusion) I am confident that a mere 3,000 words will fly off the computer...A "C" is a pass right?

The amazing thing is, I'm even quite happy with the result - taking the extra time has been well worth it - some good feedback from my tutor on the level my draft was at and some good suggestions has left me with something I am pleased with personally. Its been a long haul. But there's an excitement knowing its nearly at an end, one way or the other - I even quite enjoy the buzz of working under pressure - panic is a wonderful way to focus the mind!

So - maybe I should stop basking in the light of "nearly finished" and go write the conclusion...

Seeing some friends tonight - Vania and Reuben - they are good people - probably play some mini golf, eat some pizza, watch some rugby...

Speaking of which, I went to see my home team get thumped last night - unbelievable - this was a real thrashing - and they were the champs last year...I was a little annoyed - Kristen screamed herself hoarse yelling for our team. She thought it would have been nice if they had won...and admitted to not understanding it a whole lot - she says she understood enough to scream at the right time though! What a woman!!!

Well I'd better conclude...

The Typecast Kiwi

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