Monday, April 19, 2004

I Like God...

...because when He gets hold of a human life, something amazing happens: You see a life blossom...

I had the awesome privilege of baptising 4 people from the cession|community this Sunday. Peter, Fonz, Stephen and Marilyn. It was great to hear their stories - so different, yet sharing that sense of awe and wonder at a God who could be so much to them - in stark contrast to how their lives had been up to that point. Some cool one-liners:

"I thought the Bible was just propaganda to scare people until I checked it out for myself..."

"I tried not talking to God for a whole year...that was pretty hard..."

"I feel like I am standing on the edge of a cliff and its time to jump off..."

He did.

Anyways, it was significant to me that I got to baptise Pete first - he was my first baptism - for me he symbolises why the cession|community exists: to be a place where you can see life enountering truth. Pete was one of the first people to come fresh to the community - He received Christ last Thursday.

Yup. I like God a lot.

The Swimming Kiwi

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