Monday, March 22, 2004

I Love...

Had an awesome time Sunday night @ cession (for those gentle readers who have ventured between the pages of the Falcon8or's blog, I'm speaking of the original cession...) Preached the third in our series "Truth Conversations" on Jesus: "Truth is a Person?" It was really great to get away from some of the more apologetic elements of previous weeks and speak to the idea of Jesus as the embodiment of truth - truth lived out in human flesh. As often happens late on a Sunday afternoon as our gathering looms, God moved me to think about Jesus as the Word - a word so pure, so powerful, so perfect, that to speak it would be as if every word ever written, every word ever spoken, every thought conceived was but a stillborn whisper. A word so far reaching that to utter it could change everything – the past, the present, the future. A word so true, so right, that to speak it would bring something out of nothing. Now imagine that word taking for its meaning a new definition – one phrased in human flesh. A medium at once limiting in its constraints but richly expressive in the nuances it could bring to its human readership.

Course we managed to find room for a Bruce Almighty clip in there...

What was very cool was a couple of chats that occurred afterward: Fonz (yup this is his real name) wants to be baptised at our post Easter baptism service - we're getting together this week. Awesome - Fonz' brother just came to Christ, following a visit from Australia - Fonz has been following Christ for about 4 weeks - shared with his very anti brother who phoned him upon returning to let him know that he too had given his life to Christ! Cool huh? Then there's Nick our resident atheist - a very funny, erudite (uses hard words) individual - described his current frame of mind on beginning a "Truth Conversation" as feeling a bit like a first time caller to talkback radio - "long time listener, first time caller" - he's still deciding whether he wants to be the sort of person who calls talkback radio. I get that.

I love our church. The people are cool.

Rock 'n' Roll...(just because I want you to know N8 that I read between the lines...)

Mr Jones

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