Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tortilla Thriller

This week I have fallen in love (perhaps again) with the tortilla.  Amazingly versatile and surprisingly easy to make at home.  Flour, water, olive oil and salt.  A rolling pin and frying pan and you're done.

This week has been tortilla week!

Fiesta Lime Chicken - Chicken breast marinated in lime juice, liquid smoke and tequila!  Flame grilled and then grilled with a salsa/mayo-based sauce, cheese and tortilla strips.

Breakfast Burrito - Ham, scrambled egg, jalapenos and cheese...

Quesadilla - Mexican pizza!

Throw away your bread and rice!  Tortilla is where its at!


Rhett said...

You're back! And with such insights.

BJ said...

I never went away...

You want the recipe?