Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tron: Legacy or Let-Down?

In 1982 I was 15 and at the peek of my adolescent sci-fi/fantasy hunger, especially with the movies.  The previous years offering "Exacalibur" had whet my appetite not least because it was R13 and really gory!

Then came Tron.  It never really made it as a movie, I suspect cos it was a bit ahead of its time.  And in a slightly ironic take on today's CGI industry, this was a movie that didn't use computers to stimulate real life, it used real life to simulate a computer world!  At the time, we just thought it was awesome!

Which is where the latest movie promises to deliver - in the area of special effects.  I wonder whether it will lose its Tron-ness as a result?

One area in which the followup movie is said to be similar is around the storyline...they've apparently kept to the Disney foolproof approach of not really having one.  This will sit happily with the first movie...

That said, the original idea kept me and my friends talking for days about what it would be like to be in a computer!  I probably won't have those conversations nearly 30 years later, but I will go see it for sure...maybe I'll review it?


Rhett said...

Not doing too well in the review stakes so far...

(It's averaging 49/100).

Steve Goble said...

I just saw it tonight, turned my brain off, and thoroughly enjoyed it!


Steve Goble said...

Mine's up. (at last)