Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Musing

So in recent weeks we have the Ethical Spending Bill before Parliament, seeking to regulate government sponsored investment in unethical organisations - for examples arms/munitions manfacturers, companies with a dodgy environmental record etc.  The usual suspects clamouring that its not sustainable to force people to do the due diligence on ethical investment.  Excuse me?

On the other hand, you have the Gambling Commission dismissing the appeal of the Dunedin-based Southern Trust against a five-day suspension of gaming-machine business imposed by the Department of Internal Affairs. The problem: when a gaming trust uses about $120,000 of charity money to renovate pokie rooms

it starts to look like a money-go-round.

Traditionally many Christian organisations have looked askance at the use of monies derived from gambling or alcohol to fund its own social programmes.  It is an interesting issue given that the stated purpose of much of this funding is to ameliorate the social damage caused by abuse of these things.  Not many are prepared to do the due diligence on the sources of this funding, preferring instead to rest (poor) in the knowledge of avoiding guilt by association.

It just struck me as kind of congruent and incongruent...

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