Saturday, May 01, 2010

Maybe It's Just Me

I found this week interesting:

  • First the leaked Law Commission report on the alcohol age leads to instantly increasing taxes on alcohol and cigaretttes
  • Then the biggest drug bust in a while involving the Switched On Gardener (everybody knows "switched on" means stoned right?)
  • Finally, The Red Door brothel gains all sorts of attention for being across the road from a school
Maybe its just me, but I'm finding some dissonance with all this:

  • Suddenly, its not OK to drink alcohol as an 18 year old, but it is OK to be a prostitute;
  • Its not OK to sell cigarettes to minors...but it is OK to sell sex across the road from the school;
  • Or you could turn that one around: its socially not OK to sell sex across the road from a school (in a place kids never go inside), but it is OK to sell cigarettes in a dairy across the road (which 99% will visit at some point on the way home...);
  • We tax cigarettes and alcohol but we prosecute cannabis growing and supply - both signal some level of disapproval and attempt to influence behaviour...
  • Its OK to lose a part of yourself in prostitution but not through cannabis use and only moderate lung damage is permitted from smoking;
  • You can sell sex without a license in some cases but you can'tt sell alcohol without one;
  • It is now possible to say legally "I'm just popping out for a [insert option] [fag] [shag] [flag(on)]" but not a bag...


Karen said...

You always had a way with words :D I especially like the rhymes at the end! Happy May....

Rhett said...

So are you anti-prostitution or pro-marijuana? ;-)

BJ said...

I am not a pro