Sunday, July 26, 2009


"To understand the identity and significance of Jesus, we must tell other stories - stories that interlock and interrelate, setting the context for making sense of the theological puzzle that Jesus himself set his disciples. One of these stories concerns God's creation of the world; another tells of God's calling of Israel; a third tells the age-old human quest for meaning and significance. The story of Jesus intersects all three, ultimately to provide their fulfilment. Jesus is the focal point from which all these other stories are to be seen, and on whom all finally and marvelously converge."

" not a revolution attainable by incarnation. Wesley became incarnate among the poor, the labouring artisan, the powerless people."

"Incarnation: the central truth of Christianity and all religion."

"The creation of the world was a very great thing, but not so great as the incarnation of Christ. It was a great thing for God to make the creature, but not so great as for God, as for the Creator himself, to become a creature."


Rhett said...

Jonathan Edwards approves of this message :-).

"It was needful in order to answer the law, that the very nature to which the law was given, should obey it."

"It was needful to answer the law that the nature that sinned should die."

"God saw meet, that the same world which was the stage of man’s fall and ruin, should also be the stage of his redemption."

BJ said...

Edwards was also the author of one of these four quotes...

Rhett said...

All credit to Google because that was my jumping off point.

Frank said...

Great quotes Brett!

The story is big - the good news is big and what a wonder it is to be drawn into that story as we participate in it through Jesus and with Jesus.

Frank said...

.. oh... and Frank approves of this message ;)