Saturday, July 25, 2009

Holiday Stuff

Such a busy time we're having here - all good though.

Last weekend we were up to Traverse City again to see the rellies and to visit Chris and Marcia's new church, The Journey. Good times for the kids again and some excellent golfing for me...from the couch. Tiger Woods on PS3, just another reason why I should never own one.

Sunday night we got home just in time to hear Chris preach at Lansing Faith. Slightly bizarre worship set from a stage filled with guitars doing bluegrass worship. It wasn't bad, just surreal. On balance I enjoyed it but mostly because it made me laugh!

This week was a little quieter at the beginning - Monday was a quiet day at home, with the exception of a long lunch with Mark Gorveatte, District Superintendent for West Michigan. Lunch at Fiesta Charra (that makes 3 times...) followed by coffee at Biggby. He's a good man.
Tuesday we spent a good few hours in Grand Rapids with Steve and Vicki Deur - friends from the Watermark plant days. Great times catching up and the time really flew by. Tuesday was Chris and Marcia's 36th anniversary so we took them out to breakfast. The service was so bad we "forgot" to tip, but the food as great!

Wednesday I spent some time with the new worship director at Lansing Faith and Chris talking through worship philosophy and systems. It was a good time sharing and I learned some stuff. As well as realising there is a lot in my head after one or 2 years of doing this stuff. After we'd finished I walked to the YMCA and did a workout - really nice facilities. Wednesday night was date night at Applebees...some nachos and some shrimp...mmmm

Thursday was a road trip to Detroit to visit Kristen's grandparents. I always enjoy visiting them. You can see where some of the heritage that Kristen brings to our family began. The evening stretched on till 1am with a mammoth game of Mexican Train...which just in case you were interested, I triumphed in...

The roadtrip continued on Friday - we visited Crossroads Village and the Huckleberry Railway in Flint, Michigan. The train ride was a lot of fun and a good decent length. We did a bunch of things including attending a short play, watching a cider press, getting hit by chunks of wood from a steam powered saw mill, riding an extreme carousel (so fasssst) and looking through old stuff. It was good fun.
Home in time for an outreach at Lansing Faith - a family movie screening - good idea which we will steal in the summer.

Today was relax day including a trip to the lake for a swim.
We're in our last days now so starting to pack - time has flown!

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Nige said...

Applebees. Yum. I love the way they keep filling up your Dr Pepper drink until u r so full u have to go to the loo