Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Haiku Says 3000 Words

So Rhett (jokingly) challenged me to condense my 3,000 word Christology essay into a Haiku. He can do this, because he's handed his in. And because he has the pragmatism of a full time student rather than the romantic idealism of a one paper at a time guy, his essay is tight, hits the right notes and has just the right amount of contrived intrigue. Whereas mine, rather like the occasional preacher who preaches 10 sermons every time he preaches, is full of mystery and ambiguity. And empty of words.

So because this tortuous process leads me to be distracted by anything I obliged:

The risen Christ speaks
Through cultures dead and breathing
Nazareth reborn

The fact that this does actually sum up my thesis, is perhaps my only sign of hope.

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