Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Entirely Skantified

Last year it was "I'm Bringing Wesley Back". Two years ago it was "Wesleyan Healing". Could Entire Skantification go 3 for 3 at the WMCNZ Gathering in 2008?


With an enlarged band and fresh blood in the writing department (Jon Emmitt), the Spirit moved (or was it something else) and the crisis of Entire Skantification was once again a strangely warming event...

"Wesley" (to the tune of the Commodore's hit "Easy")

I know it sounds funny but I just can't stand to sing
Hymns that aren't by the Wesleys
Seems to me people write most anything
But they can't write like the Wesleys...ooo

That's why its Wesley (ah ah ah ah)
Wesley on Sunday Morning
That's why it Wesley
Wesley on Sunday Morning

Why in the world would anybody sing Hillsong
When it cost so much to take it
Everybody wants me to sing like Vineyard
I'm not happy when I try to fake it...

I want to be high, so high (church)
I want to be free to know the songs I sing are right (theologically speaking)
I want to be me, Eighteenth Century

SOLO - Rhett shredded it...

Cheesy dance moves from the BV's and the "Wesley represent" hand gesture from lead singer Jacob made this one of the better ES numbers...

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servant said...

I missed it!!!

From my bed I thought I could hear a great rendition of "Easy" and thought that it sounded pretty cool.