Monday, May 26, 2008

The Downside of Parenting

"I bet it just makes you want to hold your babies tight?" she said as I returned and enfolded my boy in a hug.

If you didn't know where I had been you'd have guessed from my attire - sombre suit and tie - weddings and funerals only and I've never done a wedding on a Monday. It wasn't exactly a funeral either. I was visiting the home of two of our pastors - a husband and wife team - who's second son had just taken his own life aged 21. Open casket - white with gold handles on a bed of mats in a room wallpapered with mats. We sat and talked and sat some more. And prayed and shared scripture and memories. Comfortable in my uncomfortableness.

I paused for a while before replying to Kristen's question:

"The problem is: you can't hold them tight enough."


BJ said...

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Simon said...

Oh man. What a thing to go to. What a thing to go through. Can't imagine it, can only imagine the pain. Bless you for your comfortable discomfort.