Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Few Tips

A few people have been asking - what have you been doing to lose the weight? Well I'm not going to share all my secrets but here's a couple of things that have worked for me:

  • Carry a water bottle - its trendy and it keeps you full while ensuring your water levels are up. Because I hate water I keep mine chilled and add lemon or lime to it - turns it from a tasteless necessity into a refreshing beverage
  • Drink herbal tea after dinner - deals to the need for SOMETHING after the witching hour for eating 6-7pm - most weight loss gurus will tell you not to eat after this time - also its non caffeine which helps with the next one
  • Go to bed earlier - with the above in mind - if you stay up to 11pm thats 5-6 hours without food - you bet you're gonna struggle not to snack in that time!
  • Don't miss the snack breaks - a no brainer cos I'm so damn hungry I'm living for that snack break! But actually, as you become accustomed to living in a state of hunger, it is easier than you'd think to miss those important top ups
  • Weigh yourself once per week. Yup don't count the little steps - go for the big weigh in and feed off the euphoria for the whole week.
  • Make a plan when you go into habitual feast environments. For example, I went to the rugby recently at which its every man's God-given right to eat a burger, fries and a hot dog. Instead I treated myself to an espresso. Its also every man's God-given right to die young of a heart attack...the other night with some friends at a restaurant, while my friends gorged on delicious looking gourmet meat lovers pizza, fries and wedges, I treated myself to seafood which I love and roasted field mushrooms which were awesome.

Anyways, just a few thoughts from me. Most of the rest of the time I'm living off the juice of 2 lettuces rubbed viciously together...


Jim said...

Careful with the vigorous lettuce might start a fire.

servant said...

... or go blind.

Ken said...

brett, here's my thoughts...

eat breakfast every day... getting a healthy start early in the morning curbs some cravings later in the day

add GOOD fat to your diet... almonds are great for this, but of course, in moderation.

careful with diet drinks... even 0 calorie diet drinks can slow your weight loss down. better to drink water or herbal tea as you mentioned.

enjoy cardio exercise, but make SURE to add strength training. cardio's great, and will burn calories and fat, but strength training will add muscle which will burn fat.

enjoy eating all the foods you used to eat - just have a bite or two instead of the whole thing. i still have ice cream, potato chips, and cookies, but i eat MUCH smaller portions. by tasting these items once in awhile, i avoid feeling deprived which can lead to really unhealthy binge eating.

congrats on the weight loss... i'm right there with you.

KarenH said...


You've inspired me.

Um... protein. How many grams are you getting at each meal.

PS Lettuces have none.

Jim said...

I'm starting to think you need to eat a little more food so that you have energy to blog.