Friday, June 29, 2007

Sugar and Spice and All Things...

So the Spice Girls are reuniting and its NOT about the's really ALL about the fans...which is a relief really for all those fans who will no doubt enjoy free concerts and CD's...NOT! I'm not sure whether they've signed with Virgin records again...somehow doesn't seem to fit this time round (although some unkind people will say it never did).

Speaking of virgins, I once had this idea to start a Christian Girl band - I thought it would be a winner - I even had a name: The Nice Girls. I mentioned it to a few candidates but they didn't seem interested so I put it down as one of those ideas for the future. Maybe I could launch it on the back of the reunion tour?

One of the best Spice Girls remakes around can be viewed here. It made me think that a name change might be in order for the girls this time round. Something evocative, something with zing, something fresh and fruity:

"Old Spice"


Rhett said...

Ha! One News also used that pun.

Speaking of Virgin/s... Last night on Special Features (on C4) Mat Kearney was interviewed. In case you odn't know, Mat Kearney is a Christian artist who is being tipped to play at Parachute this year. Which made the line of questioning especially cringe-worthy. An example...

Q. Mat, your album is called "Nothing Left to Lose". I assume that means you've lost your virginity?


Q. So Mat, who would you turn gay for?

To his credit, Kearney handled it extremely well, and was also somehwta funny. But it was at times exrutiating to watch.

BJ said...

That doesn't surprise me - it reads like a bad news headline!

I can't think of anyone I'd turn gay for...unless I was a woman, then I'd turn gay for any number...