Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who is Ted Haggard?

Faced with the very public fall of one of the US Church's most well-known leaders, many New Zealanders are like, "Who?" Anyways, for those who are interested in understanding what has happened here are some sources you might follow up:

Ted Haggard - Background Story

Ted Haggard's Confession

Gayle Haggard's Response

Thoughts From Gordon MacDonald

Oh, and the answer to the question in the title? A quote from Haggard's letter:

"There is a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I’ve been warring against it all of my adult life...The public person I was wasn’t a lie; it was just incomplete. When I stopped communicating about my problems, the darkness increased and finally dominated me. As a result, I did things that were contrary to everything I believe."


wotsitgonnabe said...

I have been thinking about this since it all blew up last week. I think it is God's desire for the dark sides of ourselves to come into the light - to be brought out into the open and dealt with. If we don't deal with them when he whispers into our hearts, then he will use some other way to bring them forth to be dealt with. He wants us to be pure - and he is a jealous God (hidden sins sometimes take His rightful place, that of LORD, in our lives) I am sad that Ted Haggard has had to deal with this in such a public way, but it is a reminder to us all, that God is interested in unfettered relationship with us.

BJ said...

You get the sense that the church he is part of is dealing with this decisively while taking responsibility for restoration. Haggard's comment that his life was not a lie, just incomplete. resonates very strongly with me.

Steve Deur said...