Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Small Things

"Its the small things that count," he breathed in cliched contentment.

Rhys is down for the night - going for a record 4 nights in a row where he sleeps through till morning.

Somehow an appearance was made at the gym - it was a small workout. But the scales revealed a smaller weight that expected, a small victory for somewhat better eating.

We made pizza tonight.

Good times meeting with people yesterday one-on-one and at cell group.

Big day tomorrow - cell leader training most of the day, followed by core team meeting. Then dinner with friends.

Time to sleep. But one thought thats been chasing round my brain today:

It seems the London bombers were British citizens. That makes a difference. Obviously psychologically for the Brits. But also in law. If they had survived to go to trial they would have been charged with treason along with murder etc. Their acts were different in kind to the 9/11 deal. So, this is a new development for the world: citizens who will die for their beliefs (religious and political) and in doing so kill others from their own country. Not so much an act of war, as a treasonous protest. One assumes that where Britain is concerned this relates to their involvement in the Iraq war. I know Britain does not have a clean record in terms of involvement in the middle east historically, but I assume its recent events that have made them a target. But here, we have what is essentially a protest against foreign policy. Or is it not distinguishable from 9/11? Footsoldiers in a politically motivated, religiously fulled fanaticism that transcends national allegiences?

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