Thursday, July 14, 2005

Seinfeld in My Head

I think I could be a reincarnation of Jerry Seinfeld. Apart from the fact that is that he is not dead, so I guess I can't be an actual reincarnation. And that I don't believe in reincarnation.

Leaving those minor issues aside, I think I might be...Jerry...or at worst George.

This fact was pointed out to me on Sunday night by a friend Dawn who was staying with us. It all started with me not grabbing dinner before church and then needing to drop Scott and Brian off at their place of I thought I'd find some food on the way home as I tuned into the Green Room [there's nothing I love more than tuning into the Green Room after a 13 hour day at church ;)]. Everything was closed except the drive through.

I hate drive through. Its the pressure. You barely have the time to read the menu and they want your order. The cars stack up behind you revving their engines in a feral way. Its impossible to hear the server and I fear deeply they'll get my order wrong. But you can hardly check the bag before driving off with all those cars salivating behind you. And then if you wait till you have driven off and its wrong you can't have to go back through the drive through and start again. Including explaining to a person who obviously didn't hear you right the first time that they got your order wrong. Not to mention the passing over of the cash especially the passing back of change - what if I drop it? You've parked so close to the window (to avoid dropping the change) that you can't get the door open fully to pick it up. Its altogether an unpleasant experience. Even if someone else is driving, I won't order - I mean, yelling your order from the backseat is dangerous anyway, and I'm not sure I want to rely on the driver to get it right. So I avoid drive through. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Anyway as its Seinfeld awareness day, I wondered if I was the only one out there?

A good day yesterday. Caught up with the Breakfast Club boys in the morning. Had staff meeting with Ryan and Angele. Coffeed with Rhett (who unknowingly inspired another Seinfeld moment with his strawberry, cream, soy latte, de caf "coffee"). Our cell had an outreach dinner - an "umu" - a Samoan earth oven where the food is cooked on hot stones. The fare included: a huge pig, fish, potatoes, kumara (sweet potato), taro (a starchy root vegetable), banana. It was pretty cool.

Anyways, time to hit the day.


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