Thursday, June 30, 2005

Not Warranted...

So I've been driving a motorised fine waiting to happen these past few months - my car doesn't have a warrant of fitness. First time it failed it was because of rust. $750 later and apparently there are some other minor but totally annoying flaws in my steel chariot...I am somewhat annoyed cos I really want to sell the thing (cut down weekly expenses, score some quick cash, avoid exactly these types of repair bills) so I'm gonna have to spend more (non existent?) money so I can save money?! What?! Not a happiness inducing moment in my day.

Sunday was fine preaching part III in Out of the Closet titled New Season Wardrobe. Looking at some of the internal character required individually and corporately if a church community is going to faithfully reflect who Christ is. Seemed to hit some people. Even got a few emails this week. Its cool to have a sense that what you do makes a difference for people.

I get to have a break this week and enjoy receiving wisdom from the lips of Melissa - I love what she can do with scripture to distil truth. Looking forward to soaking it up.

Actually 3 July will be an interesting day. The anniversary of my late wife's death. I think I might go to the beach with Rhys on Sunday morning while Kristen heads to ECW be one of 5 contributors on missions. More on this subject later I think.

I have this really difficult guy from church to go see now...we meet fortnightly to chat and stay accountable...he specialises in stirring it up on the doubt I'll have to deliver a hefty rebuke for daring to challenge the established order...check out his blog Fritchay


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