Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Forever Blogging Bubble...

Alright, I am a slack blogger. So much to blog, so little time.

Sunday was a blast. Preaching on Mothball Mathematics (basically on making disciples). As more long suffering readers will painfully recall, I have at times discussed my preaching journey - as a first year pastor this was all brand new. As a second year pastor not much has changed - I think I doubt myself less and trust God more, but there's no sense in which that is a consistent state! This Sunday I knew one thing with certainty. One person was absolutely converted, convinced, cajoled, coerced, corrupted into line with my(?) message.


Not sure if thats what people mean by an audience of one (of course it isn't). But, it does seem to me that its important to be as much a recipient of God's word through preaching as it is to be a disseminator. Anyways, I found it liberating because I realised I believed every word without a shred of doubt. It was reassuring in that the last 2 weeks have really been about the reason for being for the cessionIcommunity. The fire is even more intense than when we started. We have such awesome people and their stories are inspiring. Its nice to know God at least has me where He wants me.

This weekend at our leaders advance ("retreat") we had people from the community come share their stories at strategic moments to encourgae the leadership - I hadn't told anybody. The joke became that it was Jesus at the door...and as I listened to the stories that seemed so appropriate..."the least of these" and all that. A good time and once again I am amazed at this group of people He has assembled.

Had the chance to connect with some more people on Sunday afternoon through our latest "Plugging In". I love these opportunities to lay out the vision. Its amazing the people I have got to meet through being a part of this community.

Anyways, better get moving...places to go (home), people to see (my family)...


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