Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Beat It

Good times Sunday evening with the start of our new series: Out of the Closet... A chance for a bit of vision casting around the broader theme of community. I was sick so not entirely sure how it went. As often happens I would have liked to emphasise a couple of things differently. This week I was asking the question: How Far Out? and preaching from Ephesians 2. I have been feeling for some weeks that I needed to remind people why we exist: "Why plant another church in this area?" So, I pray that it impacted people. Anyways, you do what you do. It was cool to see a number of people being prayed for around the auditorium afterwards.

We have a large number of people (10) coming to our Plugging In seminar this coming weekend, so I'm excited about that development. Its great to see God adding to the community.

Well I just watched the Michael Jackson verdict...and without wanting to say "I told you so"...actually thats precisely what I'm doing...you heard it on this blog first! If the TV reconstructions were even close to accurate this kid and his family were lying from the start. Most people are bad liars. But most people think they are good liars. Its like how the vast majority of people believe they are above average drivers...without realising that only something around half of the driving population are statistically able to claim that status.

But. He is a nut job. And so is any parent who lets their child near him. Fortunately, it is still possible in the USA not to go to prison for being a socially maladjusted genius weirdo. I've always considered MJ to be one of the greatest musicians of all time. As far as sheer entertainment and theatre goes has anyone surpassed him?

Taking it easy this morning giving myself a chance to recover and recognising I have meetings tonight. Beautiful day outside and altogether great to be alive! Anyone in prayer mode out there we have some serious needs in the areas of Kristen's immigration status, related medical bills of the 4 figure kind, car problems and generally making ends meet. But still having fun!


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