Friday, May 20, 2005


So the wonder child slept for 6 straight hours! And so did his father..."feeling alright..."

Today is the day off, a wonderful opportunity for doing all those things I have been procrastinating from...thats if I get round to it...and yes some of those things are day off material as I am fast reaching the point of needing to have them done in order to experience rest!

Heading out with some old friends on Saturday night - a kind of reunion - the guy who is organising it has picked this old restaurant that we used to go to - highly ordinary fare but thats who we all were back then. Nowadays the lads are as likely to do a curry as a steak. Should be fun, telling stories for the 20th time and realising life has changed somewhat. There will be 6 of us in total, all Christians. One of us has been divorced (although it was the wife who left), two are currently separated (one permanently, the other is still working on it), we have 3 children between us, one is not married strangely, one is no longer actively following Christ, one is but not going to church (if thats not something of an oxymoron), from our humble University days sneaking out of lectures to watch movies or play video games we comprise the accountant for NZ's largest Electronic Funds Transfer company, the financial controller for one of NZ's largest clothing and sporting goods store, the head of HR for one of NZ's largest steel manufacturers, the National Sales Manager for NZ's largest Christian radio network, a retail sales assistant and a lawyer turned teacher turned pastor. Life is funny like that. These guys have been great friends over the years. I'm glad to have them in my life. Many of them have shaped me significantly. The EFT accountant took me to the event where I began following Christ, the National Sales Manager was my best man (travelling to the US to do that) and is an amazing encouragement to me, the financial controller and I rented a home together for 4 (hilarious) years - I was his best man, the HR consultant not going to church right now, dropped a large cheque in the mail last week in support of the cession ministry - he earlier ran an awesome training cession for us for free...

As I said an amazing bunch of guys who have profoundly impacted me over the years...



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