Friday, February 04, 2005

Week's End

Its been one of THOSE weeks - where you simply have to say, "Is that the week over already?" The fulcrum of the week was a funeral on Wednesday for a 23 month infant found dead in her cot. The parents, both challenged by mild intellectual disabilities, were devastated, this being the second child they have lost in this way. The child was high risk with both Epilepsy and Asthma but nevertheless a shock for the family. I, along with 2 people from cession, was involved with providing music for the funeral held at the family's home. The mother's family are Maori and so it was open casket...yeah, that does make a difference. I could wax on lyrically about the occasion and the fragility of life etc. but my only reflection is a personally oriented one...this is my blog so I'll be introspective if I want to...once again faced with the death of another I was amazed at my "ability" to remain largely "untouched" by it all. Through the death of both my Father and my wife Claire I have wondered at my relative lack of distress in these moments. Its not the same as indifference - I care deeply for the impact on others and entirely regret the loss of these people. But I find simply find myself in a state of calm at these times. In earlier times I used to wonder that perhaps I was nursing some huge psychopathic imbalance that would one day reveal itself in a monumental episode...but more and more I tend to think that somehow I am able to access God's peace without noticeable effort (yes, I know thats how it should be) or even conscious appropriation. When I reflect on the past 18 years of my following Jesus and the difficult events that my life has traversed I am glad of that grace.

Or I could be a complete nutter.

The other major happening to conspire against me was the arrival of our first Missions team from Canada (also on Wednesday)! Somehow we ended up being the airport deputation and a last minute host family...needless to say that has the effect of muddling all my best laid plans. We have Neville Gosman staying with us. I really like Neville, although unfortunately he shares a passion (with me) for talking. I see some (more) late nights ahead! The good thing is that its his booty that will be on the preaching platform at cession this Sunday, not mine, so I can manage the lack of sleep! Good training for Jones jnr.

Well today I catch up with my (younger) brother for lunch. Hard times for him lately and with it some distancing from the family. Actually I was a bit surprised he could make it. He's a high-flying advertising executive with an expansive (read expensive) lifestyle. Praying I can offer something to him today.

Well, I have deviated from the gym long enough! Time to sweat...


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