Saturday, February 12, 2005

Blog in the USSR...

Something of a blogging hiatus I'm afraid. A week of some franticasity. All good though and lots going on in a cool way.

Had a guest preacher Sunday - Neville Gosman from Sussex Wesleyan in New Brunswick. Cast a great vision from Acts 7 for the whole body of Christ to be involved in taking the church forward. Don't know whether to feel excited or frightened at his statement: "There's no reason why cession should not be 300 in 18 months". I know he's an evangelist but I'm not sure if he's a prophet! Anyways it was good and there was a high degree of response to his challenge for people to be onboard.

Watched some of the superbowl. Not surprisingly, my main area of attention was the half time entertainment. It was a good bet that the 60 year old Sir Paul would not take his top off halfway through "Hey Jude". But here's the thing that made me laugh: When did Paul McCartney ex Beatle become "American Family Values" guy? Weren't the Beatles all that was wrong and seductive about the world of rock 'n' roll back in the 60's? Thats progress, huh. I can't wait until the 2036 superbowl - I bet Marilyn Manson will have a cool light show too...

Start our bi monthly leadership training gig today. Looking forward to it. Have about 20 people coming - a great leadership core to work with and develop.

Jones Jnr is officially 1 month as much as babies ever come on time (apparently 8% are born on the "due" date)


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