Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mid Week Check In

Yesterday was a perfect demonstration of what full time ministry could mean in 2005. Worked in the morning on various tasks. Noted my evening meeting. Factored in a half days leave due from last week. Triangulated wife's wistful yearnings for a beach trip on this our second fine day of 2005...So we went to the beach for the afternoon! It was nice to escape and enjoy the sun. Took my bible to allow some scripture to soak in along with the sun as I have to pick up the preaching this weekend due to the unavailability of our expected contributor. It was a no brainer what text I would use - this week's theme is re:wording as part of our re:incarnation series inevitably leads to John's a thought: if Jesus wasn't "the Word become flesh" then the shepherds and wise men were breaking the first commandment in worshipping him in Bethlehem...anyways it was a fertile time of meditation, relaxation and downtime with Kristen.

This morning was Breakfast Club with Jacob, Reuben and Pete - our first breakfast session of the year - we meet at 7am at a cafe and spend time doing accountability and working through Andy Stanley's "The Next Generation Leader". Such a valuable time.

Gym and nutrition are going well, but for some reason had no energy this morning at the gym. The weight has started to move but I'm not getting too excited just yet - there's a lot of lard to shift before I'll get too much into celebrating!

Anyways, back to the day...


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