Monday, January 10, 2005

Back in the Saddle

Its fun to be officially back at work today. Had staff meeting with Melissa and spent a bunch of time looking at her year and development. Melissa and her husband Jacob are awesome people and totally sacrificial - they're looking to free up as much time as they can for Melissa to be in ministry...seeing as we can't pay her right now. Its very encouraging.

A good night last night - its vacation season here but we still had a good showing with about 10 new people joining us. I preached on re:gifting as part of our re:incarnation series - its in the bible - John 15:9-14...I felt a little flat during delivery but the response was positive. One woman in particular who has been coming for a few weeks now was visibly touched by the evening's events and spent significant time afterwards with one of our core leaders. She has had a rough time of it recently and it would be just awesome if she let God into her situation. A visiting couple who recently moved into the area and are looking for a church commented, "We're used to more charismatic worship but enjoyed the strong biblical message." It made me laugh (afterwards)! First, because our worship is actually pretty charismatic, its just not orchestrated if you know what I mean (!) Second, it just tickled me that someone would characterise my preaching in that way.

We found out for sure today what dates Kristen's parents are coming to NZ in March...its confirmed our suspicions - they're not coming to see us! They arrive 5 days after the baby is due which must mean we're NOT the centre of attention of this visit. I wonder if they'll bring me a fine bottle of red to toast the baby's health...

Anyways, it looks like summer has arrived today. Course that is the way it works on the first day back on the job! "Feeling alright..."


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