Friday, November 19, 2004

At Week's End

Pretty relaxing day off - slowed down enough to realise I was tired. Felt like I would have preferred to something more constructive with the time off but nevertheless enjoyed watching some test cricket - Australia v New Zealand - we're still in the game after 2 days. Got the last of the feedback down for the trainees and sent out the online assessment for them to complete. So just the marking to do next week. Nice.

Good small group time on Thursday - our group is ready to burst with people so looking at some multiplication options for 2005. One of our newest partners (and small group members), Melva, is going to help out with some small group strategy stuff next week. Melva and her husband Frank are gold! They did this SWOT analysis of cession which would blow your socks off! Highly recommend getting some "outsiders"/new people to critique what you're doing.

Just hung with Reuben, Vania and baby Isabella tonight - went to Mission Bay to eat fish and chips as the sun went down. Good times.

Tomorrow we have a half day leadership training event. Looking forward to it. Then its off to paint the sisters house. The things we do for family...


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