Sunday, October 10, 2004

Good Day

Great night tonight at cession. Some cool stories - here's one: Daniel, a guy on the fringe of the community, reconnected with us last week at a sports/picnic event we ran and came to the last 2 worship gatherings. Tonight he made a strong step towards following Christ by participating in communion. We are a pretty sacramental church and follow Wesley's understanding of Communion as a "sacrament of conversion" (Wesley in fact encouraged spiritual seekers to take communion before their technical conversion). So, when Daniel appeared before me I knew he had responded to the invitation I had given - it was a cool moment: I had just finished preaching on the Abrahamic covenant and had concluded with Jesus' words at the last supper - his blood the sealing of the covenant and for the forgiveness of sins - they were like words of absolution in that moment. Then we had another guy (loner, sex addict, unemployed) turn up with his family! I could see that communion was also a major step back into his following of Christ as well. Ministry time afterwards touched others.

Today I start another law teaching contract. This will be interesting! I am basically in this role half time or full time until December. So its a significant season for me to try to hold everything together with church but more importantly: my own spiritual and physical disciplines. Need to stay on top of it all. But I am hopeful we can clean up some debts and start the new year free of them and perhaps in a full time pastoral role. Its a good goal to have.

Well, I certainly can't blog all day!


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