Monday, October 18, 2004

Back in Harness

So today was Day 1 back in the classroom teaching negotiation seems a nice class so it should be OK - just this week full time and then continuing with the online teaching scenario next week. The course has changed a bit since I taught middle of last year but its near enough. I really like the people interaction that comes when you're teaching a performance skill - there's something about downloading skills to people that is quite satisfying. The good thing about doing this sort of work is that I mostly find it energising - it just takes a chunk out of your day. But then those of you that still work for a living know what that's all about!

Sunday night was cool. My sister, her husband Brad and their 2 kids came and participated fully in the life of the community. It was great to see so many people connecting with them. A couple of friends I had invited also showed up - one going through a marriage struggle; another newly back in NZ this year and still struggling to find a church. Strangely, this was his first time along to cession. I'll be interested to hear how he found the experience. Nick the Agnostic was back - I spotted him singing songs about the God he's not yet convinced about.

Melissa preached and did a good job. We had an amazing video - well a short film really. I originally got the idea from Watermark...who got the idea from the Bible :) Basically we wanted to take the account of Abraham going to sacrifice Isaac and portray it through 2 members of the community - to connect people to the outrage of the obedience God required. This was the first project that our new video team took on. It was astonishing. Just amazing. Can't begin to do it justice. Deur, I'll let you be the judge when you visit next week.

So tonight, I need to write an essay for this holiness paper I'm doing. Its just a book report really. Hate those things: proving I can read. I do have another assignment due as well but I'm gonna try on an extension for that one. Basically, I'm not ready to write it (!) and I am not gonna find the space this week - 40 + 20 hours does not leave much time for study...

Speaking of which...I'd better hit the books!


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