Monday, August 23, 2004

Some Unanswered Questions

> Why is it that a European woman won the 100m?

> Why is it that no one asks that question?

> Is there a necessary correlation between the world's worst headache and the arrival of a Sunday service speaking slot?

> Why does a baby take seconds (in some cases) to make and 9 months to gestate?

> Why is it that I can preach an objectively poor sermon and yet people can be more enthusiastic than normal about the content?

> Why is it that Finland wins the most Olympic medals per head of population?

> Why is it that anyone gives a crap about John Kerry's war record in the first place?

> Is there a gap between what good preaching entails and people's expectations of good preaching?

> Why is a horse?

> Why is it that I have an interview with the CEO of NZ's largest Christian radio network tomorrow?

> Why is it that my mother follows me round the house as I clean it for her?

> Why am I not in bed resting up from the onset of the 'flu'?

> Why am I the Jonesboy?

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