Saturday, August 21, 2004

Let there be light...

Alright so I was a little dark on the Olympic Basketball previously...but that was before NZ beat the world champs (not the USA) and then the women's team beat China. This is good. Big weekend in rowing and cycling for us Kiwis. Did you know NZ is 2nd in the word on medals per capita across Olympic history? Does anyone know who the top performer is? Answer on Monday.

Did a presentation to academic staff on the Wesleyan church at the Bible College yesterday. Seemed to go OK. Have an NCD session this morning in relation to the parent church. Could do with the time to write my message...but I think that if I download my collective musings from the week the message is actually written in my brain. You never quite know till it appears on paper. Should have time for that this afternoon.

Started my new job yesterday. I am doing my mothers homecare as she recovers from surgery. She gets $10.40 ph from the government for employing someone. So the 15 hours a week will help while I am off contract with the Institute. Still praying "the Thompson Prayer": "more money, not more work please God"...

Well, into the day. One good thing: I don't have to mow the lawns today - I got them done yesterday. Ahhhh, freshly manicured lawns!


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