Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The Mother of all...

It seems to be the week for family encounters. Sunday my brother (see blog below). This week:

My mother had surgery yesterday. She's had this really bad back for some time. So Kristen agrees to take her in and I go round before they leave to say good bye. I knew I should pray for her but something in me didn't want to. Weird. Anyways, my much more spiritual wife leaves me with no choice: "Why don't you pray for your mother?" she says, right in front of my mother! That's teamwork I I pray and it is a God moment. Mum has been coming to church on and off this year - she even gets on well with the senior pastor - but I'm not sure her and God are really on intimate terms. The op went well. We''ll see.

Then my brother-in-law and I were talking about video stuff. I invited him and my sister to our next series @ cession "loveactually" and this sparked a whole discussion on marriage and children. He remarked, "No one told me about the fine print with marriage - children" He went on to describe the pressures associated with having children and how much that had come to bear on them. It really helped me in shaping this series to reflect on the very real needs out there right in the forefront of people's minds. And I think they might come:

  • Love Is...
  • Love and Marriage
  • Love and Conflict
  • Love and Communication

I'd go to a series like that...actually I am!

Off to visit the sick. My mother. Off to feed the paw. Her cats.

The Good Son

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