Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Mid Week Check-in

A big week in so many ways:

  • Had our first staff meeting for cession! This was kind of funny: Me, the pastor, who is paid 10 hours per week to start this church and Melissa, newly licensed, who is trying to give a day a week without pay. But it was nevertheless a staff meeting and I won't hear a word to the contrary. It was different. We have met before of course...but it was different meeting this time. I enjoyed the change - we would have weekly meetings but we would use up all our time if we did that so we'll move from monthly to fortnightly - I am excited about how even this small investment will help our focus.
  • Jacob our missions guy (cessionlcompass.) and I met up yesterday with the first cession missionary yesterday to talk about her forthcoming trip to Guatemala - she will work with YWAM in meeting the needs of orphans, urban poor etc Very exciting and a watershed in the life of the community
  • Had a great planning meeting for cessionlconnect last night - we have this new series coming - love, actually - looking at love and relationships with an outreach edge to it. Lots of fun doing word association exercises. Excess frivolity. But also a significant community time stimulated by 2 searching questions - Since we last met: what has made you laugh the hardest? How have you been hurt? Wow, instant community - just add water...
  • We sent out our prayer letter ie blog reference (you can check this out in the right hand menu to this blog) and got over 20 hits on the site in 24 hours! Thats some prayer team! Also had a very generous and supportive personal communication within minutes which was somewhat humbling.
  • Deep discussions with my mother following major back surgery. Its great having a captive audience...
  • cession retreat planning is exciting me - we're taking away our core leaders plus some talent for a day retreat. Should be good.
  • And last but not least, the entry of my Mother in law, however cautiously, into the blogging world - a welcome addition! Check out the comments section to my previous post...

Well thats all from me...couldn't sleep this morning so have already been going hard for over 3 hours and its not even 9am! Good to have some stuff cleared away!


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