Tuesday, August 10, 2004

House Calls

Someone once said to me, "Maybe you'll be the new Bill Hybels." They meant well. You only have to meet people like Hybels to know that people of that quality are exceedingly rare...and yet like all of us exceedingly human. But there is a sense in which people who have pioneered, people who have been a part of great achievement become role models for us. And, if we are not careful they become the yardsticks by which we subconsciously measure ourselves. And there is a pride that can become associated with that, what Nouwen equates with the second temptation of Jesus - to be spectacular.

Well, I have begun acquiring a reputation around the area as part of the newly planted cessioncommunity. I would love for it to be associated with my dynamic preaching style, but in truth my preaching is over-intellectual, somewhat 2 dimensional in expression and sometimes a little too esoteric. I'd give a lot for it to be because of my phenomenal success in building teams who achieve at a high level, but the reality is I struggle too much with my own individualism and laziness to build truly great teams. I'd even be glad of a reputation as a sagacious counsellor who dispenses wisdom and insight to the amazement of all. The truth is I'm often insightful but overly directive and impatient.

No, I have made my breakthrough quite unintentionally in an area hitherto unknown in the realm of momentous pastoral achievement. I have scaled heights that luminaries such as Bill Hybels and Rick Warren have never been credited with. I am becoming known as: "the housework pastor." We have this couple who are struggling with a difficult pregnancy and a tendency to become unsettled with church commitment. They also happen to be friends. And because we are right now working on our pastoral response teams we didn't have it quite sorted out how we could care for them. I had some time so I went round and vaccumed a bit and washed some floors. Next thing I hear its being spread around a community women's group run by another local church that many of our women go to, along with women from all over the area. I'm not sure where this is going to lead but here are a few ideas:

  • I could write a book: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Getting That Annoying Bit of Dust Out of the Corners;
  • I could start a movement: "The Vacuum-Driven Life" - How to suck the most out of daily living;
  • Maybe I could edit a translation of the Bible and THIS time make sure "cleanliness is next to Godliness" actually gets in there

I think this could be big. So, if you have ideas on how I could turn this into a phenomenon please let me know!


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