Monday, August 16, 2004

Love Actually

Good times with the launch of our new series love,actually. The movie poses an interesting question: "Is love actually all around?" I had fun comparing the love of ice cream to the love of mothers - and suggested that one shouldn't treat mothers in the same way that we do ice cream. I also indicated that the practical outworking of my love for my wife was quite different than that displayed for the NZ Rugby team...People were impressed I believe with my drawing on those profound prophets for the new generation The Darkness "I believe in a thing call love" (sung in high falsetto). But I think I may have lost just a few with my quoting of Denis de Rougemont (a French writer who wrote "Love in the Western World"):

“love ceases to be a demon only when he ceases to be a god”

CS Lewis is often credited with this statement which he cites in support of his contention that human love at its height tends to claim for itself a divine authority. God is certainly love. But the reverse is not true: Love is not God. A subtle but seductive deception.

Some new faces along again this week to the cessionlcommunity Sunday gathering. A family new to the area, a young woman in a difficult defacto relationship, some visiting Americans out here with Habitat, a young woman recently returned from a missions trip to Russia who knows some of our people, a bunch of teens from who knows where, my brother-in-law Brad (unfortunately my nephew was sick so we didn't see the family)...nice to see him fact he was still there at close up time when we pray together, so I prayed for him...hoping to catch up with him this afternoon over the video he shot while there.

Right, time to go - off for my Monday morning reflection, planning, meditation, coffee...then lunch with my sister-in-law (Claire's sister). Should be good.


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