Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Its Raining Again!

I suppose it could be worse - its snowing in much of the rest of the country (somewhat unusual for us here in NZ). But I am officially over the wet weather. Bring on the summer. I've missed most of the summers these past years being in the US. Caught just a little bit of good weather at either end...but even my pasty white corpulence is desperate for some sun...

Just watched NZ get robbed by the refs in the Olympic Basketball v China - Sean Marks dunked right over Yao Ming! Awesome. Takes it to 3 points down. One of the NZers makes sure that Yao Ming doesn't miss the fact that he was just monstered and gets a full 2 handed push in the chest that drops him to the call from the ref...hello?! They also got robbed against Italy - 30 seconds to go, 2 points behind, going for the 3 pointer, foot tripped by the Italian call from the ref?! Hey we're not that good so what's with that?

Its been a moderately productive week this week. One thing that I am enjoying is the more collegial relationship that is emerging with Melissa - she's my one day a week, voluntary, kind of associate pastor...I find it motivating to have someone to bounce ideas off - too often this year I have ended up being isolated. Also today I have a regular (we've done 2!) fortnightly coffee with Mike Yates, pastor at the Shore Grace church plant (see the website in the links). Seemed to make sense that we hang out and see what we can offer each other in the way of support.

Well, I'd better get moving - I'm way behind on marking my law assessments - the bummer is I think I've actually officially come off the payroll, yet because of my slackness these remain unmarked! Its so much harder to work not being paid even knowing that I've already taken the money and run! Oh - I have a new job for the next 6 weeks: looking after my mother as she convalesces from back surgery. Its like $10 per hour, 3 hours per day - I know its not great but the government pays for the care and I may as well get paid for doing what we would do as a family anyway. It should help keep things afloat while the next law contract comes around - I think I have just negotiated some work starting in October - my law boss wants to see me today so I'm hoping that its not about the October contract and that maybe she has some other work for me!


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