Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Famous One

So this week has been media week. Started with an interview for our local paper on what we're doing at cession using the "Pastor with an MBA" angle to create a story. Feels a bit weird but it is one way of reaching people with what we're doing - particularly dechurched people who might check us out. I don't think too many unchurched will roll up because of a newspaper article.

Tuesday, and I was meeting with the CEO of the Rhema Broadcasting Group about some possible contract work - I don't think thats gonna fly but it was nice to meet the guy and share stuff. It may yet lead somewhere unexpected.

Then this reporter rings yesterday from the main evangelical Christian newspaper and want to interview me to do a story. The MBA, the church plant, the connection between the 2 (Oh and I hear you were a lawyer). So we set up a time and I burble incessantly for 50 minutes about anything and everything. Maybe someone will be encouraged? I don't know - I guess its about the cross-pollination of ideas and so forth. Her funniest question was: Do lawyers make good pastors? I should have said, "Yes, it helps us judge people better". What I did say is that it develops your critical thinking skills and teaches you to process vast amounts of information quite quickly, which was good if you were essentially unqualified theologically!

I'm also chairing a Mayoral debate in September in the school auditorium we use for services - hoping to engage people by demonstrating our commitment to the community and put a public face to the church. Just a small hook but it seemed like a good idea!

All to get out the good news of the truly famous one. It just feels a bit odd. For some reason no one seemed that interested in the current part time job I have: providing home care for my mother...


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