Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Common Theme

A funny thing occurred to me: NZ's areas of strength in the Olympics have traditionally been rowing, kayaking, sailing and equestrian. Common theme? We do best in sports when we're sitting down!

This has only been confirmed by our medals so far:

Womens double skulls (rowing) - gold - sitting down
Womens 3000m Pursuit (cycling) - gold - sitting down
Mens Triathlon - gold AND silver - some sitting down plus some lying down
K 1000 (kayaking) - silver - sitting down

Does this say something about our national psyche?

I just finished commenting on the US basketball team's dismal performance on Deurty's blog so I'm somewhat blogged out for the day. Great cessionIcore meeting yesterday followed by an awesome creativity forum for our next 4 series. But before I go, a trivia question for all you keen followers of sport:

Who are the current Olympic champions in rugby? No cheating by looking it up!


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