Monday, July 12, 2004

Weekend Madness

Wow what a weekend! I think perhaps a little too much on the schedule...I attended a weekend intensive on "The Doctrine of Holiness" which was very enlightening but squeezed time for the usual activities - still it did mean I could write my message during the classes...and the message itself was well-received by many people on the night itself. This week was the instant sequel to the Extreme Makeover Series - The Fitness Edition! We looked at spiritual fitness - a real highlight for me was the involvement of our new Christians' group "Back to Basics" (B2B) who gave testimonies on different training activities through the medium of an Infomercial we created. Also 2 of them with fitness industry connections did a great presentation on general principles of fitness:
> Match the exercise to the desired result
> Don't train in isolation - training partners and groups are great for motivation
> Get a coach
> Commitment and Perseverance make the difference

Awesome huh? I was proud...

We had our biggest attendance ever - pray for - Simone a woman in her late 30's burned by church in the past, back for her 3rd time and interested in our Plugging In seminar - for a Moslem woman who has been back twice now with her friend Liz, one of our community members who is seeking guidance on how to share Christ with her - for an Indian family struggling with immigration issues who came forward for prayer (their first visit to cession).

Feeling fired up about this week - last week felt a bit tired throughout the week but today I'm feeling energised - off for a meeting with one of our community members who is looking to establish a support network for pregnant Mum's stuck at home - then heading for lunch with my wife - followed by a trip to my office/cafe for good coffee and reflection on the week's schedule...looking forward to it.

Our first dedication next Sunday - will be a great time of celebration for the community.

Time to run!

Running Kiwi

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