Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Evening All

Two of our good friends Jacob and Melissa dropped in yesterday afternoon and invited us for dinner - they just got married (by me - it seems to be sticking so far...) and were settling back into life post honeymoon. Of course, with an invitation to dinner we could not expect to impose the requirements of our eating regime (I use the word "regime" in the sense of oppressive)...nor do I recall a glass of really good Pinot being on the eating plan horizon...caught up on respective times away, dreamed about the future of cession and watched episodes of The Office - very funny Brit comedy, shot in a fake reality TV style around the goings-on in the workplace. Hilarious.

Am still resonating with a message on grace I heard at Mars Hill via Rob Bell a couple of weeks ago. I'd been suffering amnesia in this area - just forgot that God still has the intention and capacity to forgive me. Not for the really bad sins - I still got that, but for the accumulated failures to measure up. God is nice.

Have found my body clock is about an hour out which is pretty good. Getting up between 5 and 6am and feeling dead by 9-10pm. Still its a nice time of the day to spend time with God check in with email, blogs etc and then head to the gym...

Meeting today with a bunch of people...looking forward to it...

Flying Kiwi

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