Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Kiwi Has Landed...

Kiwis do fly! Today we arrived home in New Zealand after a great time in the US. Sabre seemed pleased to see us and has been begging for attention whenever we walk past. The house is intact and there are not too many bills piled up!

So much got crammed into 2 weeks - so here's just a small attempt to names some highlights:

> Seeing what God is doing in Wesleyan churches around the world - 30,000 people making commitments to Christ in Wesleyan churches in Mozambique - Churches being planted in Sierra Leone during civil war - does that even register?

> Spending time with family. Sometimes it all seemed a bit frantic, but precious times. Felt for Kristen a bit that some didn't quite seem to "get" that she won't be back for 18 months - but we did get to see those that K is closest too so that was good. Kent was home for the summer, cool to hang out a bit blowing up things on the computer.

> Returning to Watermark Church - we were part of the plant team for this church - it was awesome to be back. A few people even remembered us!

> Hanging out with the Watermark staff guys - ended up catching people a number of times which was a bonus - getting some daily bread @ Panera as the guys prayed for me/us was a rich time of being ministered to.

> Reconnecting with old friends Ken de Peal (and fam) and Jim Wood - some things never change! Talking serious, talking all good.

> Meeting lots of new people and connecting more deeply with others - Phil Struckmeyer and the team at Impact were an encouragement; hanging with my homies Earle, Tom and Dave...

> Getting the chance to reflect on life and ministry. I have some thoughts on next if only I can take the next step that converts those thoughts into action!

Well better get back to it...2 sermons to complete for tomorrow!

Runway Kiwi

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