Sunday, June 27, 2004

USA Roadtrip

Its been a bussssy time here in the USA - 3 Conferences down and just back from a roadtrip to Cedar Point. So rather than bore you with Conference details (other than to agree with Thompson on Wes Keitel) here's some of my unique experiences as a Kiwi in the USA:

Nuclear Power Plants The closest I get to one of these in NZ is watching Homer Simpson at work. For those of you who don't know, NZ has been sent to its room for some diplomatic time out by the USA on account of us not letting nuclear capable warships into NZ waters. We're staunchly no-nukes so seeing a nuclear power station was a slightly haunting experience!

120 mph Straight Up! We rode this roller coaster at Cedar Point that sends you from a standing start up to a speed of 120mph and then sends you straight up a couple hundred feet into the air, then down the other side. Its a blast. All over in seconds. Was it worth the 70 minute wait in line? Yeah...

Biblical Plagues The Cedar Point area was suffering from a plague of "Fish Flies". Apparently they live for 12 hours and exist only to mate and feed the fish from which they take their name...they also make a crunchy noise when you stand on them.

Johnny Rockets This dining experience was a real treat. Classic diner decor with table top juke box. But the highlight was the "spontaneous" staff dancing to tunes such as "Respect" and "Staying Alive" - all around the diner the waitrons would start singing and dancing in unison. Very cool. Our waitress was a few fries short of a happy meal which only added to the event!

More later...tomorrow we return to Watermark Church for a visit - looking forward to saying "hi" to old friends...


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