Saturday, June 12, 2004

Hitched, Crushed and Packing...

Hitched...Jacob and Melissa were successfully married this weekend. I married them in an underground wine grotto! Very atmospheric. Seemed to go well. I preached on "Marriage is Made in the Differences" and felt the whole event was a great celebration and an awesome witness.

Crushed...The English Rugby team. I don't care what sport you play but 36-3 is a thrashing in anyone's world! The supposed world champs who avoided playing us in the World Cup final due to an off day in the semi finals just got smashed by the mighty All Blacks. Plenty of blood and guts along with tremendous skill from the Men in Black.

Packing... Me. In preparation for our US sojourn leaving in 2 days. First things first - 2 services to negotiate tomorrow and then some rapid fire planning for the next 2 weeks... Looking forward to some input and reflection time while I'm away.

Well back to tidying up tomorrow am's service - the boss is already in the US - nice for some!


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