Thursday, May 27, 2004

Working Week Winds Down

Its been a strange week. I've felt like maybe I've been lagging a little in the energy stakes but it still seems a mildly productive time with what I did get done. Always more to do I suppose. A few frustrations - wisdom from deep within: "Church would be perfect if it weren't for the people..." Cynical thinking I know. The reality is that its people being touched by God that make the whole thing worthwhile - its just there are some others who need a touch from God too...maybe a soft punch or something...

We are fully booked out for the Wesleyan convention at Lake Taupo in 2 weeks! Awesome. A huge risk - we'd have been $20K down the toilet if it hadn't come off. Hats off to the Rev. for having the guts to do it (N8 having guts is different from dropping them...)

Anyway its good night...

Looking forward to catching up with Watermarkers soooooon along with the SLWC crew and friends and family at Berkley Hills. I even wore my Watermarked shirt the other day. Happy days!


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