Monday, May 24, 2004

Post Match

A rewarding day. The morning drama went pretty well - while they didn't quite nail it, the end result was very funny (the main goal) and certainly set things up for later on. Apart from the senior pastor feeling the need to "explain" the drama during his sermon - I'll be having words...I mean we will engage in a constructive feedback dialogue... Another week without a worship leader - so we just didn't use one! Working on the theory that the whole team just leads by their example...not a long term strategy but we survived another week. Did take the opportunity to introduce a worship leader candidate on vocals with a view to her stepping up next month.

My Mother, sister and niece/nephew came which was very cool.

Sunday afternoon had another successful "Plugging In @ cession" seminar. We welcomed 7 people into Partnership on Sunday evening.

We did cession|connect with a difference last night - decided to mark 3 months of being a church together by following the OT example of erecting altars around the PAC. We tore down all the staging as well and did unplugged sets with the grand piano, acoustic gat and percussion. So we erected a Sacrifice Altar to mark the sacrifice and obedience of people along the journey - we opened the mike on this and had some great affirmations of community members - a Community Altar - made of cardboard boxes with big photos of cession people on the outside - looked very cool and a Truth Encounters Altar - opened the mike for testimony on this as well. I then did some brief sharing on the Future Altar - Dave had produced this "space, the final frontier" kinda altar on the computer - it was pretty cool!

Add to that the Kiwi cricketers in a winning position with 1 day to go in the test v England at Lords, the Warriors managed a rare win and another sunny autumn day...

Roll on the week!

Flyin' Kiwi

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