Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Mid Week Checkpoint

Its been a good week so far. Had some great opportunities to connect with a few of the cession|community leaders. I always find those times stimulating and rewarding. They really are the first things that need to be on my schedule from a ministry point of view. Well maybe second - I think the DAWG (or HOTDAWG* in my case) is something to find a space for SOON!

Had an interesting meeting with a guy today - very talented speaker and a natural leader of people. I had some thoughts for his future involvement but he's not feeling called in those directions right now. The guy works as a programme director for a Christian radio station so he's certainly doing his share of ministry. What we did end up talking about was some mutual encouragement we might be able to offer each other through regular meetings. We'll see where God takes it. Its been on my mind lately - I am undersupported in my role - I have some operational supervision - but lack people in accountability, prayer and mentoring...just a few biggies! So I'm praying God will organise that stuff in coming weeks. I have another lead I'm following up as well in this respect.

The renewal of even the most basic disciplines has made a significant difference in my week. I'm hoping it has more to do with God working in me than being back to 2 rather than 3 jobs! I'd much rather it was personal growth, rather than eased circumstances...if that makes any sense!

Looking forward to 2 weeks in the US come June! Renewing friendships, seeing family, getting inspired, riding rollercoasters - I can't wait!

Anyways...its meeting time - putting on my Associate Pastor's hat and heading to the ECW Ministry Team Leaders' meeting. Its gonna be a strategy type meeting tonight - there are some serious next steps to get in place. Maybe one of them will be hiring a new Associate...

Only half joking...

*Half Of The Day Alone With God

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