Saturday, October 09, 2010

No More Holidays

I have decided to never go on holiday again!  It is the devil.

How else to explain the chain of events and trips to the doctor?

It started 24 hours before we were due to leave - a regular activity at church helping with set up - the back starts to tighten...and tighten doesn't work anymore.  I hobble home hoping that a cocktail of prayer and drugs will get me through 2 sermons!  It normally works for the listeners...

That night I wake with the chills and an apparent resurgence of the annoyingly persistent viral cough that has plagued me in recent weeks.  Panadol and suggestions from the other side of the bed that we will stay home produce a miracle cure (till I crash round 4pm the next day).

At the end of day 1 on holiday an innocent bruise turns out not to be a bruise at day 2 I am at the Dr's in a foreign city receiving treatment for an outbreak of cellulitis the shape of Australia on my shin. 

I am popping 16 pills a day to enjoy any remaining semblance of holiday!

Needless to say I spent much of the week with my feet up being waited on by family and our splendid hosts...and it wasn't a terrible holiday, but REALLY!


Rhett said...

Poor you!

Holiday reading?

Steve Goble said...

Sympathies. I tend to get sick before going on holiday, although not to that extent! I think my immune system realises that things are about to get easier, and accordingly shuts down early.

BJ said...

Holiday Reading post coming: The Future Eaters