Friday, April 09, 2010


Kristen's grandfather died this week and she has flown to be with her family.  Grandpa Mo' was the rock at the foundation of this family: an uncomplicated, faith-filled man with a real gift for making a person feel welcome and cared for.

I remember my first meeting - Christmas 2002 - Kristen and I had been "dating" for a week when we arrived for the Christmas feast.  As we got ready to eat Grandpa said, "I call upon my future, future son in law...[pause] Chris to say grace..."  For a moment there everyone held their breath in expectation that he was not only going to ask me to say grace but that he was prophesying right then that we would be getting married.  From that point on the phrase "future, future" has always reduced us to laughter.

Rhys was fascinated by his great grandfather and they would play with Grandpa's hat - Rhys has always loved snatching hats!  Rhys drew a picture before Kristen left for her to take.  It was a picture of Grandpa.  He came into the bedroom asking, "How many fingers did Great Grandpa have missing - I thought 3?"  He lost 2 fingers in an accident some years ago.  Having gained the information he then returned with his amended picture and a proud reveal, "I added another finger in!"

Grandpa was a great pray-er.  He prayed for his grandchildren all the time.  He along with his wife Jeanne may just be the single-most dedicated pray-ers in the history of cession|community's launch and growth.

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