Tuesday, October 06, 2009


So we have this opportunity for people to identify with cessioncommunity as partners and as part of that we invite people to enter into a covenant with us. I recently received the following slightly reworded covenant from a new recruit - I'll leave you to work out which bits were added:

Partnership Covenant/Contract/Soul-selling

I,………………………… wish to covenant with the cult of cessioncommunity as together we reach for our vision of flying away on our purple spacecraft to greater glory and
life encountering truth as we reflect and offer Christ

I will align my efforts with the Mission of the cessioncommunity by seeking to become a growing follower of Christ who grows followers of Christ. To do this I will join the community in:

• Connecting our lives to God and drawing others into that connection
- Through regular attendance of the worship gathering
- Spending quality relationship time with God
- Being a 'fool' for Christ

• Living life together in authentic community (commune)

Through attending a cell group at the movies or pub
Committing to "open" relationships with people - sounds like my kind of church!

• Impacting our neighbours with love

Living out God’s command to love my neighbour
Being a part of our corporate community influence events
Phoning noise control wherever possible
Getting drunk and trying to get others to do likewise

• Reflecting and offering Jesus Christ to others

Sharing Jesus with those I’m connected to - scratch that: I don't share
Being a part of what we do together to reach others and inviting friends and family where I can

• Pursuing and encouraging life transformation

Taking time to learn and apply more of the bible* to my life
Bringing all that I am and have to God from time and talents to financial and other resources - do you have change for a button?

* The "Bible" being Fashion Quarterly

Well it made me laugh!


Anonymous said...

It made me laugh to write it!

Paul said...

now I really want to know who wrote it. nice