Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Post Post Bureaucratic Post

So back in June I posted on Post-Bureaucracy and the small problems I was having getting WOF's for vehicles. So today was interesting. I didn't (of course) fix the offending window. Why should I? I walked in (to a different place naturally) and got the WOF. No questions asked and before you ask whether it was one of THOSE places - it wasn't - it was one of the reputable places. Funny how the LTSA regs changed while I was away.

We also got Kristen's SRS light to go off. It was a little less than the $780 quoted. It turned out to be a loose wire. Not sure why the original garage couldn't have popped the steering wheel to confirm that before quoting. The garage was too embarrassed to charge so all it cost was the $50 for the computer scan.

$50 and 2 WOF's. Thats my kind of bureaucracy...

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