Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday School Ain't What It Used To Be

From the mouth of the 4 year old:

Dad: What did you talk about in kids encounter tonight?
Rhys: We read a story where Jesus healed a man
Dad: Was it a good story?
Rhys: Yes but I don't want to be healed?
Dad: Why?
Rhys: I want to keep my skin
Dad: Why are you worried about your skin?
Rhys: Well, Jesus takes away your skin...

So Jesus is a flesh-eating zombie! I'm so glad for the high quality religious education he is getting (he really is)!


rachel said...

This explains a lot of what "went down" during our bible story last night! No wonder he didn't like the idea of being healed.

BJ said...

I nearly wet myself when he told me!

Flendolyn said...

Too gorgeous!!